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Root Canals

When decay has spread deep into a tooth, it eventually reaches the nerve of that tooth. That is one of the main causes of extreme dental pain and is definitely not very fun. In these cases, a root canal is necessary to completely clean out all of the decay and help restore the tooth to its proper function. And root canals really aren’t as bad as you may think! In fact, they usually help relieve more tooth pain than they cause. We do our best here at Salt Lake City Dental Center to make root canals as pleasant as possible and we are constantly improving our ability to make sure patients stay comfortable. If x-rays and an exam prove that you do end up needing root canal therapy Dr. Stoker will make sure that he takes the time to explain the reason why and answer any questions that you may have.

Root canal therapy is performed by cleaning out all of the existing decay, and creating an opening in the tooth to expose the nerve canals. Once the area is exposed Dr. Stoker is able to clean out and disinfect the inside of the tooth that is causing you pain. Some teeth have several canals and may take a little extra time to treat. The canals are then sealed off and the tooth is prepared for a final restoration (usually a dental crown).

Quick Facts

Root canal therapy can vary in duration, depending on which tooth is being treated. Front teeth can usually be done in 30-45 minutes, but back teeth (molars) can sometimes take a few hours or even a few separate appointments to complete.


Insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance company and the plan that you have chosen. However, most of the time insurance does cover 50 to 80% of root canal therapy after you have met your yearly deductible. To get a more precise estimate we would be happy contact your insurance company and get a list of your covered benefits.



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