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We are very lucky to have such great patients here at Salt Lake City Dental Center! We are very grateful for the kind reviews you have left us, and hope to continue to provide excellent service to all who come and see us. Read some of our many great reviews below!

Best Dentist Reviews in Salt Lake City

Best Dentist Reviews in Salt Lake City

“By far the best experience I have encountered for dental work. Fair price, newest equipment/amenities, and genuine care. Found Dr Stoker after I was told I needed a full root canal for a minor cavity. He talked me through all my options and came up with practical, solution that was permanent and fit my budget. He and his staff are experts at what they do, and genuinely want to give everyone the best care possible. Highly recommend!!”
Derek H. Google Reviews

“I scheduled an oppointment and was able to get in right away for a teeth cleaning and inspection. I had a broken tooth that required a crown and was able to get it scheduled the following day. This prompt service was very helpful with my busy work week. Dr. Stoker and his staff were top notch and will be happy to return for continued visits.”
-Skipper M. – Google Reviews

“After many bad experiences and eventually giving up I went for years without going to a dentist, that on top of my own neglect my teeth were failing miserably so I finally made the decision to move past my fears and find me a good dentist… I wanted a dentist who could take care of anything I would need in one office so I wouldn’t be sent from one end of the valley to the other for some procedures and then back to the general dentist to finish the job… I ran a google search for a complete care dentist in SLC and the first link I found led me to Dr. Stoker, I read everything on the website and had a good feeling about this office, after watching the video and hearing everything he said, especially the part about his favorite thing being the comprehensive cases, I said to myself “that’s me he’s talking about” and I knew that he was the dentist I wanted to see…

From day 1 everyone in this office has been extremely nice, professional and informative and have taken very good care of me, even through some of my silly phobias like my freaking out when taking impressions of my mouth… The work done for me involved implants with an attached denture, I had no complications and the waiting time for healing in between steps is something I am glad we did rather than trying to do it all at once… Today just short of a year long journey the biggest hurdle in my dental care is done, after years of moving through life either not smiling or hiding it from people, Dr. Stoker and his assistants gave me back my smile and a big part of my life, I am so happy with the final result and I think they are just about as happy as I am…”
-Teri G. – Our Reviews Today

“I have had 5 appointment’s with Dr. Stoker thus far, and plan to continue utilizing his dental services. The quality of service received for each visit has been excellent. Here is a summary of attributes received from Dr. Stoker and staff to describe my experiences/visits:

– Accommodating: My jaw muscles tend to get sore easily. Dr. Stoker has made adjustments to the approach of the treatment plan to assure the least amount of stress on my jaw as possible.
– Knowledgeable: The questions I asked have always been answered thoroughly.
– Efficent: Wait times have been very minimal, and Dr. Stoker has worked quickly without sacrificing quality. I’ve noticed Dr. Stoker seems to sprint(not literally) from exam room to exam room to get to each patient. It can set an initial impression to the patient of feeling rushed. However, when it has been my turn, Dr. Stoker has always spent the time necessary to get the job done right. I think the hustle is just to minimize the wait times for each patient in the office.

Thanks Dr. Stoker and staff!”

-Tav W. – Our Reviews Today

“Dr. Brigham and his lovely staff are an amazing team of professionals. These people are classy yet easy going and up to date on all the cool technology! I actually watched an episode from Netflixs as I was getting my teeth cleaned. Dr. Brigham is a great guy and don’t be surprised if he answers the phone and talks to you in detail about all your dental needs as this guy is not your average closed door kind of doctor. He is very accessible and down to earth. I totally recommend Salt Lake City Dental Center!”
-Suzanne K. – Google Reviews

“These guys saved me! I am a new patient. I had never been here before and I had an extreme toothache. I called them and they stayed open late for me so I could come in. I had been to 2 other dentists about this tooth before and they thought it was just sensitive. Dr. Brigham and his assistant were able to figure it out almost immediately and gave me the root canal I needed. This is mine and my family’s new dentist. Everyone is so friendly. The equipment seems to be up to date and I didn’t feel a thing! I could have slept through it! I even got my own tv with headphones so that I could kick back and relax while they worked.”
-Tim F. – Google Reviews

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