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Dr. Stoker offers a variety of orthodontic treatments ranging from Invisalign and clear cosmetic brackets used for short-term orthodontic cases as well as traditional comprehensive orthodontic treatment on both children and adults. At Salt Lake City Dental Center we understand that it makes your life easier to be able to have all of your dental needs taken care of in one place. We also understand that nobody should have to sacrifice quality work and experience to have a great smile which is why we offer low, monthly payment plans for all orthodontic treatment. Dr. Stoker will work with you during several pre-treatment consultations to create an orthodontic plan that is designed specifically for you and addresses all your concerns.  If orthodontic treatment is something that you are interested in please give us a call and we would be happy to get you scheduled for a free consultation.

Quick Facts

Your initial orthodontic consult should take less than 30 minutes. That time is used to gather all of the information Dr. Stoker needs to create a customized treatment plan that best fits your orthodontic needs. From there on out, adjustments are done anywhere from every 4-8 weeks, depending on the complexity and goals of your case.


Insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance company and the plan that you have chosen. Most plans do cover orthodontics for children and it is becoming increasingly common to also have coverage for adults. There is usually a separate lifetime maximum that can only be used for orthodontic treatment which contributes anywhere from about $1,000-2,000 over the course of your treatment. To get a more precise estimate we would be happy contact your insurance company and get a list of your covered benefits.



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