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Mini Dental Implants

You have found your mini implant dentist in Salt Lake City!  Mini dental implants are just awesome. Although their use is limited mainly to stabilizing loose full dentures or improving retention of partial dentures, they do their job incredibly well. They can also be used to replace single missing teeth in certain circumstances. Historically, mini dental implants started out as temporary implants, placed by dentists while they were waiting for the regular sized implants to heal completely.  After a while they started noticing that is was very difficult to remove the mini implants when the time came because they had integrated so well with the bone!

Stabilizing Full Dentures with Mini Implants

This is by far the most useful application of mini dental implants.  If you have a bottom denture that you hate (most denture wearers do) that won’t stay put, your life will change with mini dental implant placement.  The procedure can be done in a single dental visit in about an hour, using your existing denture (a new denture does not have to be made!).  The mini implants are placed with local anesthetic only, and most patients report little to no pain during or after the procedure.  And the mini dental implant cost is a lot less than you might expect.  They make such a big difference in a denture wearers experience that when I am making a new set of full dentures for any patient, I bundle in the mini implants in at as low a cost as possible to increase patient satisfaction.

Quick Facts

Usually, multiple mini tooth implants are placed at the same appointment, so it can last about an hour. If you are interested in sedation let us know so you can be comfortable during your surgery.


Insurance coverage will vary, depending on your particular insurance plan. More and more insurances are choosing to cover implants, and they may cover up to 50% after you meet your deductible. To get a more precise estimate, we would be happy to contact your insurance company to get a full breakdown.



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