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Dental Crowns

Crowns are a common procedure in dentistry and that is no exception at Salt Lake City Dental Center. Dr. Stoker has done all that he can to make sure that our patients are getting the highest quality cosmetic crowns. In order to do this Dr. Stoker has invested in the best and most innovative crown technology that allows you to have your entire crown procedure done in-office. Same-day crowns! Our in-office milling system eliminates the need for a temporary crown or for multiple crown appointments and gives you a high quality porcelain crown that matches the original tooth structure and the rest of your smile.

There are several reasons why you may need a crown, some of which include; tooth decay or tooth fractures, root canals, decay around or underneath an existing crown, or simply for cosmetic enhancement. When you come in for your crown appointment, Dr. Stoker will start by preparing the tooth, removing any decay or old filling material and shaping it so that your crown will fit perfectly. Once that has been done, we will use a 3-D scanner to obtain a digital image of your newly prepared tooth. Dr. Stoker will design your new crown on a computer, and then this design is processed by our in-office milling system to create your porcelain crown while you wait. Once the crown is completed, Dr. Stoker permanently cements the crown over your tooth, making sure that it fits correctly and comfortably.

Many people ask why you may need a crown instead of a regular filling. If a tooth has a small cavity or chip, usually a composite filling is all that is needed to restore your tooth. But if the cavity or decay is extensive enough or large enough, a filling is unable to hold the tooth together effectively. A crown is needed to make sure you can keep your tooth intact for a much longer period of time.

Quick Facts

A same-day crown appointment lasts approximately 2 hours. The first hour is spent preparing the tooth, and the second hour is used to design, mill, and fire the porcelain crown. But don’t worry. You will be able to entertain yourself with the overhead TVs and entertainment system and the appointment time will fly by!


Insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance company and the plan that you have chosen. However, most of the time insurance does cover 40-60% of crowns after you have met your yearly deductible. To get a more precise estimate we would be happy contact your insurance company and get a list of your covered benefits.



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